Here's what our clients are saying about the value they've received from using our Professional Organizing Services...


Linda “SAVED” me from clutter. My books, papers, memories and pictures collected over a 50 year academic career, of which 19 were that of a college president, are beautifully organized. My garage now welcomes me with a smiling, un-chaotic face when I come home. It is a feeling of freedom. Linda also helped me RELEASE some of my paper. The organizing was the best Xmas present I have ever given myself. My friends are envious!!!

Dorothy Y., Arbitrator – Home Office and Garage Organization

Highly recommend Linda. She’s a wonderful organizer and tackles all projects with enthusiasm and expertise. She has helped immensely with getting my office and household in order. She can accomplish more in a few hours than I can in a few days!

Jen S., Entrepreneur – Small Business and Whole House Organization

Linda, thanks once again for keeping me organized! With two companies, a start-up, being on the board of four industry associations and traveling to Latin America to open up new offices, I couldn’t keep my office organized without you. Your system and follow-up “maintenance” keeps me and my organizations going. I’m so much more productive since I know exactly where information is when I need it. Hiring In Focus was the best decision! I can’t say enough!

Todd B., CEO – Commercial Office Organizing & Maintenance


Linda has saved me from having an unorganized closet, a paper cluttered office, and a non functional kitchen cabinetry.  I moved from a five bedroom home to a five room condo.  Linda kept me sane during the downsize, and helped me organize efficiently my new, small space.  She is kind, patient, strong, clever, and creative.  I will continue to use her services and recommend In Focus Organizing to others.

Lindsay M.  – Presale De-Clutter and Whole House Organization 

I am a single person living alone in a five-bedroom house. Through the years I had accumulated a huge amount of files, papers, LP records, books, and VCR recordings. The amount of “stuff” was staggering, and my home office, garage, kitchen and bedrooms were overflowing. In Focus Organizing was able to organize all of the above, and gently helped me to discard items that I had no use for and would never need. They organized my closets, my kitchen cabinets, my home office, my garage and also helped redecorate my house.

I now live in a nicer, uncluttered home that I am proud of.

Ed F. – Whole House Organization & Decorating

In Focus Organizing is organizing our offices, closets, basement and garage. I look forward to them coming as it is such a joy to see a completed project and a clean closet! They have great ideas and are a pleasure to work with.

I am anxious to see what else will be transformed in my home over the weeks to come!

Julie L. – Presale De-clutter & Organizing Project

We have lived in our home for 33 years. Needless to say, we have accumulated things that we do not use or need. After reading In Focus Organizing’s mission statement and reviewing customer feedback, I knew they were the people for us!

I have also recently been diagnosed with an illness that has caused me a lot of fatigue. In Focus Organizing’s professional and quiet demeanor has made it so easy to have them here in our home. They have a wonderful work ethic and wonderful ideas! They organized our kitchen with so many new places for things to be placed. I told them, after 33 years, why did I not do that? They just had a great and practical eye for how and where things should be placed. I am now not wasting the time to find things as I did before.

In Focus Organizing also organized our home office and files. They especially helped figure out where and how to organize my medical bills. This is just invaluable to me!

In Focus Organizing has a passion about their job and the outcome for their client.

Anne S. – Whole Home Organization Project

Working with In Focus Organizing was one of the best decisions I have made for my business – and my peace of mind! They transformed my office into a well-organized refuge (which included directing and leading me in the painstaking process of de-cluttering files and objects) where I am able to be substantially more efficient and productive. Just as importantly, their great eye for design enabled us to turn the room into a beautiful space where I can think more creatively. In Focus Organizing was a delight to work with and are incredibly organized and responsive.

Jill L. – Home Office Organizing Project

We just moved here and I have no system of organization. Over the years, it seems as though I have become less creative and more disorganized. Add two small kids and all the “stuff” they come with…big disaster!

In Focus Organizing has come in and not only gotten me organized, but taught me how to maintain a system. I look at my kitchen, mud room, home office, pantry and laundry area and know where things go and how to keep them there. They also helped to create a family organization area for schedules and homework that the kids can use too.

My husband and I feel In Focus Organizing is super easy to work with. They are exceptionally professional, has amazing ideas, yet is very laid back and easy to have around. They love what they do, are super efficient (literally turns a space from disaster to pretty in a few hours) and are not intimidating at all. Truthfully, it is embarrassing to be as disorganized as I am, but, they never made me feel ashamed. It is an investment, but worth every penny and then some. I could never have accomplished all that In Focus Organizing has done for us. They are a great source of information too.

Meg G. – Home & Garage Organizing Projects

I was faced with clearing the house of a family member whose spouse had died suddenly. There was lots of specialized professional equipment, as well as an over abundance of household stuff.

I was more than pleased with In Focus Organizing. They are efficient, fast and knowledgeable about what to keep and what will sell. In addition, they are considerate and sensitive about what once represented someone’s life.

Brenna R. – Presale Decluttering Project

Implemented organization system for my paperwork in my home office. Supplied almost every relevant material we needed, and then went through system with me step by step, left a written guide, and offered to follow up as needed. Helped me through the initial steps to help initiate system. Customized the specifics to my particular needs.

In Focus Organizing was wonderful! Very easy to work with, very interested in being sure that their services were tailored to what I was needing. Made an otherwise daunting task feel very manageable! Would highly recommend.

Johnathan L. – Home Office Organizing Project

In Focus Organizing cleaned and organized my very cluttered, very full garage and implemented a system that I can follow to keep it cleaned and organized going forward. They consult with me monthly to find out how it’s going and if there are any changes that need to be implemented.

I am able to park my car in my garage for the first time in over a year. And I can find things that I need quickly and easily. It was a pretty painless process for me – they organized things so that I could make quick, easy decisions about what to keep and what to donate or toss. My involvement required was minimal.

Cheryl G. – Garage Organizing Project

In Focus Organizing orchestrated a complete reorganization of my kitchen and pantry. They took into account the way we move in the kitchen and put the things we need every day right at hand. They moved everything else into the pantry, tossed out out-of-date foods and things we’d had for 10 years but never used. In Focus Organizing utilized simple tools to contain pots and pot lids, heavy appliances, spices, and other like items, put flours, rice, beans in clear containers. The result is a kitchen that is easy to use and easy to maintain.

It may sound funny, but it really has had a very positive impact on the whole family!

Shelly S. – Kitchen Organizing Project

In Focus Organizing was extremely quick and responsive. I am blown away by how helpful the have been! Our cabinets are a huge mess and unfortunately not standard, so figuring out a method of organizing our new pots and pans has not been easy.

In fact, after looking at all the DIY ideas I could find on the internet, I realized sadly none of them would work for us because our cabinets don’t fit the normal mold. In Focus Organizing did all the research and shared the results and their advice for NO CHARGE. Whatever you are looking for and whatever area you need help with, you can’t beat finding someone who is both capable and honest/generous. In Focus Organizing easily could have tried to upsell me or convince me that more was necessary or even simply have charged for their findings. They didn’t. They openly shared what they thought would work best and were willing to help implement the solution themselves or do something else for us, they didn’t even come close to being pushy. In Focus Organizing is exactly the kind of people you will be comfortable inviting into your home. We will DEFINITELY go to them again when we need some extra help making our house a nicer place to live.

Joy B. – Kitchen Consulting Project


Dorothy Y., Arbitrator – Home O

After living in my townhouse for over 20 years and accumulating lots of stuff, In Focus Organizing came in and with a smile on their face assisted me in decluttering, organizing and cleaning my home. During each visit we gathered items for donations, yard sales and she even provided large trash bags for throw away items. They were not only very professional, organized and patient, but taught me the value of a place for everything and everything in it’s place. After each visit I had homework to complete and they followed up with emails and text messages to keep me motivated. Though it took several visits to complete the process it was well worth the time and expense. My experience with In Focus Organizing has made my life less stressful and my home a place I’m proud of. I have one more space to complete and feel relaxed and calm knowing I have a professional like In Focus Organizing to assist me.

I would highly recommend In Focus Organizing for help in organizing your home, office, or business.

Doris M. – Whole House Organization

Working with In Focus Organizing was such a positive experience. They were extremely helpful and professional during my mother’s home renovation following a flood. They carefully packed up the bedrooms so that the new carpet could be installed and they paid special attention to my mother’s valuable items. She made sure that they would not be disturbed and that we knew right where they were located.

It was a real life saver having In Focus Organizing’s help during such a hectic time for our family. I would definitely use them in the future.

Libby G. – Packing Project

We have a condo and have way too much stuff in it. I have really good intentions at the container store and so does my husband, but we just can’t get it done. Thankfully, I have a husband that is a “take-charge” type of guy. He surprised me with a professional organizer!

I can’t tell you how much I love the kitchen, laundry room and our huge pantry (that is now completely utilized). It all looks beyond fabulous. I promise you, you get a “good energy” when you have organized space in your home. You can find things and your world just feels more in synch. It’s hard to explain, but it really is awesome.

In Focus Organizing is great to work with!

Kim B. – Kitchen, Pantry, and Laundry Organizing Projects

OMG! This is awesome! I am completely blown away by all the detailed work you have done. You have given me solutions! And wait until my husband sees how inexpensive the solutions are. You have exceeded my expectations by miles. You have researched and discovered exactly what I would choose myself (if I only had your knowledge). Brilliant.

Your expertise is worth millions! My life is vastly improved. I will do my best to execute all this asap and send “after” pictures!

Leah V. – Home Organizing Consulting Project

I found In Focus Organizing to be very helpful with getting my kitchen organized and functional. I am a military spouse and my family moves a lot so I have been just moving from one house to another with junk and clutter I don’t need. They helped me sort my stuff and come up with a system that I can take with me from home to home.

Another great benefit was that after we sorted the keep and donate piles In Focus Organizing hauled them off for me…for someone with two children under 3 that is a life-saver!

Lucy O. – Kitchen Organizing Project