You Can Do It! DIY Consulting Program

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Are you a Do It Yourself type that just needs some expert direction and custom fit product recommendations?

Here's what this powerful package will provide to get your home organizing project done like a pro but at a price that fits any home investment budget:

  • One Hour In-home Consultation & Assessment 
  • Customized Organizing Products & Storage Recommendations
  • Written Plan of Action with Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Maintenance Guide Check List
  • New Skills to Apply Throughout Your Home!



"This service made an otherwise daunting task feel very manageable! Needing an organization system for my home office paperwork, In Focus Organizing provided the relevant material that would be needed, went through the system step by step, included a written guide, and offered follow up as needed. I would highly recommend this program."

- Jonathan L.


"It was well worth the expense for the focus and solutions I gained. The customized solutions In Focus Organizing provided kept me motivated and accountable for my goals. I even used the knowledge to organize a different room by myself. I intend to ask them to visit my home again to offer me additional tips after I have organized most rooms by myself."

- Devi M.