*Top 10 Organizing Results*

     Efficient    +    Productive    +    Reduced Stress    +    In Control    +    Confident        Proud    +    Liberated    +    Happy    +    Clarity   +    Peace

If you are too Overwhelmed by Clutter & Disorganization, a Professional Organizer is the solution you've been hoping for!

Since 2007, In Focus Organizing has been helping clients transform their homes into uncluttered, organized sanctuaries. We have assisted clients through all stages of life including moving homes, downsizing spaces, welcoming new family members, transitioning to empty nesting, and more!


Whether you need assistance with...

  • A cluttered kitchen and pantry that keeps you ducking for cover every time you need to prepare a meal or grab a snack. We take pride in purging the items you no longer need, strategically planning the organizational flow of the space, and introducing effective storage solutions that will transform your kitchen.
  • Massive chaos in your closets to the point that you cannot find items that you know you own. Our seasoned closet organizers will help you purge no longer needed items and transform that clutter into a functional system so getting dressed in the morning is a breeze.
  • Creating systems to help assist busy families keep their school papers, toys, sporting gear, clothing, and more organized so they can be easily retrieved.
  • Organizing those beastly paper piles, not knowing when to focus on each task, or even worse, not knowing where you put that super important document or bill that you must take action on. Our Professional Organizers have a magical productivity system that will change the way you deal with paper and to-do lists forever.

At In Focus Organizing, we strive to connect with our clients with an open heart and in a positive, motivating, non-judgmental way. While working with out clients, we develop a genuine, trusting connection as we work to refresh their spaces and, ultimately, help them reach their organizing goals.