Hands on Organizing

Are cluttered closets, piles of mail, or overstuffed cabinets DRIVING YOU CRAZY?

An In Focus Organizing Professional Organizer can ease your pain! We help overwhelmed, busy clients transform the cluttered, chaotic areas of their homes into beautiful, maintainable systems of home organizing bliss.

Our experienced and talented Professional Organizers are passionate about freeing you from the chaos of disorganization so that you can be your best self!

We can help organize any space in your home! From small spaces such as pantries and closets to medium spaces like bedrooms and kitchens to large spaces such as basements and garages, we are equipped to organize your space no matter what size. We can even assist with more specified organizing projects such as prepping your home before and after the holidays, setting up your home for a party, or decluttering your home before putting your house up for sale.

We create sustainable systems to efficiently manage all of the daily stuff that comes at you so you can focus, be productive, and, most importantly, feel sane.


Helping to organize homes in the Metro Atlanta area since 2007.