Organizer FAQ


What does a Professional Organizer do?

Professional Organizers are skilled individuals who implement customized systems of organization designed to maximize space, empower you to be more efficient, and create a sanctuary where you can feel relaxed and in control. Prior to setting up these systems, your items will be sorted into categories while removing items that are no longer relevant to your current lifestyle. Once a space is completed, you will learn how to use and maintain your new systems to put you in control of life.


Can I afford professional organizing?

The average person loses 1 hour a day due to disorganization. How much is it costing you? Click here to learn some surprising statistics on the huge cost of disorganization.

Whether you choose our “Hands On Professional Organizing Services”, or the “You Can Do It! DIY” Consulting Program; we can get you organized within your budget.


What if I would like to do the work myself?

Our “You Can Do It! DIY” Consutling Program is a very affordable way to get organized with the knowledge and guidance of an organizing expert. Click here for more details!


Can I still get organized even if I’m too busy to help with the process?

Yes! Short periods of time will be required for us to go over your things once the space has been sorted into categories, but this can be arranged conveniently and kept to a minimum. We will take care of the rest!

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